Giving Back to the Community


At PALS, teaching our folks a new skill set and contributing to their community is a part of PALS culture. PALS El Monte’s participants have been volunteering at Meals on Wheels, American Indonesian Church, and Azusa Senior Center for the last four years. Participants like volunteering at these sites because they like to help others. At Meals on Wheels participants are able to make seniors happy by bringing them a warm meal. Here they are developing food safety skills while packing and delivering food. At the American Indonesian Church, our folks work as a collaborative team to beautify the church. They have done a phenomenal job maintaining the facility, it looks spotless. Our folks spend time caring and serving meals to the seniors at the Azusa Senior Center. Program participants enjoy making seniors laugh while developing meaningful relationships with them. Every week our folks look forward to volunteering at these job sites. They are gaining community awareness and social skills. Participants from El Monte, will continue to give back and help the community.