Community Beautification Project

 In the last several years, program participants at PALS day program have been working hard in keeping their communities beautiful!  Our first project started at Downey. A group of participants wanted to participate in helping the community by clean up the streets.  So PALS, went to the city of Downey to see what kind of services our program participants can provide in assisting with beautifying the community.  The city of Downey needed  volunteers to clean abandon areas and remove graffiti on walls from residential neighborhoods. PALS participants have removed over several hundred graffiti writings and restored the community.  In addition, PALS participants started a recycling program, where they go door to door, to pick up recyclable items on a weekly basis. 

Now, PALS Downey, program participants constantly provide love at a variety of jobsites. These jobsites include: Keep Downey Beautiful, Salvation Army, Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, and many more. The groups who participated in “Keep Downey Beautiful,” have taken the initiative to help improve their community. Participants are cleaning up Downey’s parks by picking up trash and recycling. Now, the parks are looking beautiful and cleaner than ever before.The Salvation Army in Bell, CA is a shelter for people in need. Participants help to sort and organize donated items at the facility. At Baldwin Park Animal Shelter participants help to maintain a clean facility for animals. They clean animal food bowls and cages. Now, these animals will have a clean food bowl and sleeping space. PALS Downey’s clients receive great satisfaction from providing love to their community. In addition, program participants are gaining plenty of job skills through this act of love. Some of the sites have taught our folks how to work in teams, help others, and develop organizational skills.  They are doing a great job at these sites.