2014 SCLARC Vendor Advisory Committee Recognition Brunch

The PALS team wrote a heart-warming nomination letter for the SCLARC Vendor Advisory Committee Recognition Brunch, about David L. from PALS Downey. Here is a small excerpt from the letter, “We have seen him develop the confidence and communication skills to be a great advocate for himself and others.”David has been with PALS since January 2005. We are very fortunate to have him be apart of our PALS family. This family supports one another’s dreams and continuously encourages each person to strive for the best. We work countless hours and put in as much effort as we can to help David achieve all the possibilities out there.Everyday that David comes into PALS he always has such a big great smile on his face. He really brightens up the program. David volunteers at many jobsites which includes: the Bell Gardens Library, Rancho Los Amigos Rehab Center, Petco, and Party City. Through PALS, David is currently attending adult school.  He plans on going to college in the near future!David’s time at PALS we have seen him grow and develop into the person he aspires to be. We hope to continue to be apart of David’s life, as his support system outside of his home. On November 21, 2014 the PALS Team came to support David L. from PALS Downey, as he received a Recognition Award. Everyone at PALS is very proud of David. Congratulations on your award, David!


Last year, program participant Franco, from PALS Downey, received the SCLARC Vendor Advisory Committee Recognition Award.Since the award, Franco had a few good changes come his way. He moved out of his group home and in with his family. He plans on finding a job so that he can afford  a new home with his wife. PALS is so proud of how far, Franco has come. Its heart-warming to see the progress he has made.Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, Franco will be leave PALS within the next year. We are very sad to see him go, but we understand that he is ready to begin a new chapter in his life. Franco has been a great attribute to the PALS program. It has been a pleasure to meet Franco from day one and to see him progress everyday to achieve his goals.  For that, thank you Franco for also shaping our lives by inspiring us to never give up on our dreams. We will miss having you here at PALS!